Meet Jeffrey K. Henry Jr. aka Cheff Jeff a young talented rapper from Cocoa, FL who in my opinion flow is unmatched he' also produces most of the music for ETOONZ and just happens to be my cousin trust me when i say this check him out you will not be disappointed

Meet Marquel Kimbrough aka Donny Funny bka Donny.B a young talented comedian and aspiring director also from Cocoa, FL and just so happens to be my brother he's currently working on his first web series "We All Ball" check out a short clip down below

Meet Emari Jordan a young upcoming you tubber from Rockledge, FL Emari started out as a student athlete running track for his high school team but later grew a passion for working out and content creation check out his you tube channel "2 time nation" where you can find his content with is goofy and expressive personality I'm sure there's something you'll like check it out